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Winter season and outdoor activities

we all waiting for it...looking at the right app over and over again on our smartphone every day, hour, maybe its going to change, maybe it will help "I'm sure its just around the corner, I can feel it ",

we know it will come , because it just do , like every winter.

sometime sooner, some time later, lower, higher, with first small quantity , large and massive,

we are so happy, or partially happy as its not exactly what was expected , what we expected or what allows us to take a full benefit of it , but yes - its here ,now ,and with us for coming weeks, even months, we are so happy.

taking photos ,sending photos ,sharing photos ,telling to all of our friends and family(even if they live just the next door and have the same at there backyard),

we taking all our old/new best clothes, sport equipment, looking for our last year gear we are sure we have, or had , but can not find, or we do find it and no longer like it ,the size has changed (of us or the one of the clothe),and even better - if we cant find it, or its not good enough we can start and look to buy for a new one, nicer colour , better technology ,with a magic power to keep us warm, dry, comfortable, and happy, because yes...its all about me and all about being happy!

but wait a minute ,its all start in a perfect way and now.. things are changing not exactly the way we expected , the way we planned , according to my expectations , what's going on, way its happening now ? why like that ? why not just after vacation, after the weekend , in two weeks time.. i was not even care, but now.. like that, cant believe it, I remember few years ago it was the same situation ,but this time its even worse ,its a catastrophe.

we are again all over the internet looking for solutions , different activities , for a hope it will come back, but soon, and a lot, in a good even better quality/quantity then the one before,

its hard to accept changes, its hard to let it go, we like things exactly the way they should be(according to our believe),its never the right timing, its always against us, it was probably much better before, this days it is a all different story, much more complicated.

As i always say: "its just frozen water" Snow - Wikipedia

Wish you a wonderful winter season 2022,and happy new year to you and all your loved ones!

Ronen Lind

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