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It's Birthday Time!

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

So Its your birthday... again...well - Happy birthday! you ask me how do I know - right?

Because its the same date you celebrate it (or not-but we will come to it later) last year and The year before and so on...

So should you celebrate it this year? did you like your birthday party last year? any

Special expectations? wishes? gifts you would like to receive?

What gifts did you receive anyway last year - do you remember? or the year before, or 11 Years ago...?

Why do we celebrate birthdays anyway...?

"Birthday was mentioned first around 3,000 B.C.E. and was in reference to a Pharaohs’

But further study Implies that this was Not their birth into The world, but their “Birth” as a god.

When Egyptian Pharaohs were Crowned in ancient Egypt, they were Considered to have Transformed into Gods. This was a Moment in their lives that became more important than even their physical birth.

From there the Greeks adopted those ancient Egyptian birthdays, The Greeks and Romans Gave us the tradition of presents, candles, and parties for birthdays. "*

From there you probably can imagine how its went down the history until somewhere in the 19th century, then the "birthday party's and celebration" was reinvent by the United States of America what we call the USA!

Its kind of funny how we investigating a bit deeper in any kind of tradition, holiday, Celebration, event, art, and so on, in our modern wealthy western world we living in, we Coming To the same superficial, mediocracy, and most of all driven by the most efficient Common way of life stile we are all part of...capitalism! (Capitalism - Wikipedia).

Starting today blog - it was not in my intention, nor I knew it will lead me AGAIN without Wanting to the same conclusion,

And yes - I do understand, its like Santa Claus, its fun, its magic, if you are age of 6 years old, What there is not to like in your birthday, right?

You are in the centre, you receive gifts, candy's, you are kind of important and everybody From School likes you (today at list).

This is why this "system" is so efficient, if it works for kids - it works for everyone else.

So if you are not 6 years old, not an Egyptian god, or a modern world leader think he is Better then anybody else - I would consider again the way at list I would like to celebrate and Spend my next birthday.

I wish you a very best Happy Birthday!!!

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