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Sunrise over Mountains


Run Mate

Ready Set Go

Winter is starting to leave place to higher temperatures, sun lights, i guess we call it spring...

i came with the idea of running together, its can be one on one sessions, all leaves, for 1h to 2h, on week days, and a group run every Wednesday evening at Gland.

you could check it all out under program,

looking forward to run with you!

lets just go out there!

Winter transforms a trail. The hiking is beautiful, and snow can cover and even out rocky, rooty paths, sometimes making them easier than in the other seasons

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IMG_1538 (002).jpg

go above the clouds

If you’ve ever been on a flight that went above the clouds, then you know how magical it is to be up there. You don’t necessarily get to really experience the clouds when you’re in a plane. If you want to get up close and personal with the higher elevations on Earth, there are some top places that you can travel. They have a magical view above the clouds that you can’t even begin to describe.

Nordic ski

Why Nordic Ski...“It's less expensive, it's less crowded, it's less pressure, it's less dangerous. It's safer, it's easier, it's simpler, it's cheaper.” Chase also said he is seeing an influx of college students, and most of all...because its COOL!

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What started thousands of years ago as an essential mode of winter transportation has evolved into a popular recreational activity,

It requires only a few basic techniques

It’s a great social activity

It’s great winter exercise

It’s a great social activity

It’s inexpensive.

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