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Cartoon Camp

Available Services


  • You like to be out there alone, with friends or family, but you don't have a guide in your group 

  • Planning is not your thing, you don't have time or you don't know very well the region

  • Would you like an expert to plan your tour without you having to deal with the organization?

This one is for you!

Route, distance, elevation, accommodation, transportation, weather, interest point, carrying bags...

You will receive a full roadbook, maps ,booking vouchers ,list of equipment , weather forecast, time table ,variants and plan B options...

We can meet in person or virtually to discuss all the important points of your tour.  I will send you electronically the full details by latest a week ahead from departure. I will stay of course available during all your trip in case of emergency, change required or any support needed.

Price: 250 CHF per day

Tailor-made tours

  • You like to go out there but you like to stay as organic group, family or friends

  • the offered dates don't suit you

  • you have an idea but it's not on my program 

--> we could plan together your          perfect tour and go to the              wild with your dates and                ideas and I take care of                  guiding you with                              professionalism for an                    unforgettable adventure

Price: 60 CHF per person

Minimum 500  CHF per guided day

Alps me calendar


Check out over the site proposed activities, find the once fits you by dates or places and feel free to book on coming date.

Lets go together to your next adventure!

Group size from 5 - 12 people

Price: 50 CHF per person

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