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What is it... "time"...???

Time is the continued sequence of existence and events that occurs in an apparently irreversible succession from the past, through the present, into the future.*

What is the time right now?

How long (or how much time) will take you to read that blog?

How long it took me to write it?

What time is your next...meeting, activity, obligation?

What is your best marathon running time? my is 3:20, i still hope to make it at 2:59...

So why is it, that we are so obsessed by time?

Probably because the simple reason that it's the only commodity we can't buy more from it (for the moment at list), but for sure - most of the time, we don't have time...

You don't need to have time - time is simply out there, between you like it or not.

And no, its not "your" time, its not "our" time, its "a" time, its a dimension, so like it or not, you just have it...or you live in it!

I guess the real question is "how do i use it"?

At summer time i run, one hour, sometime two, sometime three and sometime all day long (don't tell it to my wife!), when I do so, I feel I have a lot of time, I realize that I can do so much in a half a day, I can see so many different things, hear, smell, feel, its not that time became longer (nor it pass slower), its only I so much appreciate it better, I valued it and there for I'm not consume it, I'm part of it.

Maybe time could be compare to a river, you sitting and watch the water flow, how many

cubic meter just passed? … it doesn't really matter, but from other hand, if you are in the river, I'm sure you can feel it...

Maybe you should not "take" time, or "have" an extra time, or "find" time, because its already there, between you like it or not, I guess its more about what are you doing during all that time or simply how do you live it (or in it)?

When I wish you having a good time, I really mean it, time can be good, and I'm sure if you have good time you just may also travel in time! as you will create such of memories, that you could go back in time after having a super present, and looking forward for next adventure in the future.

So take that simple time machine formula I tried to create here and I wish you Bon voyage in time!

*From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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