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Steep Mountains

Trail Running

Trail Running

For having fun

Man Running Race

Race Preparation

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Self Guided

Trail Run just for fun...


In a bit faster pace than hiking but still completely emerge into the nature.

No traffic, no pollution, get yourself back to the very first physical activity the Homo sapiens practice.


No need to be fast, hard or far; its just to move free, lightweight with a big smile on a single-track, at altitude mountain top, in the forest, on a lakeshore and anywhere makes you feel alive 😊

Ok I understand – you like to be by your own..

you are two best friends ,a group of five and so on..


  • You know how to trail run but you miss an idea where; you're coming from abroad, you don’t have time or you prefer someone else to prepare your run (the GPX file, paper map, up-dated weather forecast, optional routes, sightseeing you better not miss and more and more...). 

  • You like to do a multi day run but still stay light as possible (you need your personal staff waiting for you at the hotel at the end of the day...) 

       -> I will give you all the needed                    logistic and more, so you will be                  busy only by running...

You have a race coming up..

You would like to test yourself before you choose a race...

You like to do a FKT somewhere...


Let's go...we could run all the race or do it in few segments; we could do it elsewhere but with similar distance and elevation.

You could test your fitness, ability, equipment and nutrition and I could share with you some tips and tricks.

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